black out

I’m in the middle of job hunting and it’s just stressful.(I spent all day facing my lap top and writing application forms…feel like my chair is glued to my butt.) I keep wearing the plain black suits for the past two months in a row. I started thinking that I deserve a little color to that. ( I know some would counter my argument and say ‘it’s not the place I express myself with what I wear.’) I was kind of thinking wearing a round-collar blouse cuz that kind of shirt would make me look nicer than a normal shirt does. Do round-collar shirts give you an impression I’m not serious bout getting a job? hmm…

a little ‘kawaii’ thing

it’s been said many times before but Japanese girl’s fashion has a unique ‘kawaii’ (=girlish,cute) style. it’s not just girlish, sometimes their styles imply virginity. (mental,not physical)

I don’t know much about feminism (from an academic point of view) , but now that women has got economically and socially better status and gender equality has been  considered important in Japan (Same can be said in the US or other places), it seems that looking girly and kawaii (sometimes it comes out obnoxiously) suggests and proves their freedom and financial autonomy.

I don’t need you.

I don’t need you.

matohu 2012 s/s collection

I really like these three looks above. 

Each cloth completes another, and that makes a whole look.

One week ago there was an fashion-art exhibition (it was like a curation work) held in Tokyo and I TOTALLY MISSED IT…AUH!!!

in love with black flat shoes

I just found out a shoe brand called ‘Dieppa Restrepo’ and I totally fell in love with them!!!

their shoes look really stylish, but I kind of felt homelike atmosphere from them, which clearly makes differences from Repetto’s.

is the Japanese fashion market distinctive?

I found an article about Japanese fashion market when I was browsing the internet. it said ‘Japanese fashion market is so unique and that is a part of reasons why many of Japanese apparel companies have been unsuccessful at the overseas marketing. I kind of agree with that. When I visited Vietnam, I expected some Japanese brand shops, but not any! The only thing I found there is ‘kitty’ and ‘dra-emon.’ ( These are anime characters) It’s not like Japanese apparel brands are pricey and not affordable to foreign people. According to the article, it’s more related to’ a large amount of middle-class people.’ Japan is where even many of college girls go to school with Gucci bags in H&M outfits.(It’s not happening only among fashion-addicted people!)

Comme des Garcons 2011aw collection